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Information Science 340 is a course in digital libraries presented by the Department of Information Science.

Digital libraries

Digital libraries concern a very dynamic and exciting field where there are many facets where one can find a personal niche: be that on a more technological level, provision of reference services, information literacy programs or advocacy against the digital divide. The module intends to introduce students to digital libraries: the concept of digital libraries and its history, various phases and facets concerning the planning and maintenance of digital libraries as well as services related to digital libraries. The module further intends to enable students to develop certain competencies that are considered essential with regard to digital libraries.

WikiUP presence

With the increasing adoption of so-called Web 2.0. technologies in libraries, it is important for future librarians to become familiar with tegnologies such as wikis, blogs, RSS and CMS. Throughout the semester, students will create a user page as well as a page for group work which will serve as their portfolios at the end of the semester.

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